Proof Partisan

By Markus

Cable News and opinion media reduces a person’s fight to a junior high level. This is what happens when you are kept in a constant state of agitation. Rational thinking gets thrown out the window. It took me less than an hour to find these childish comments on a couple legitimate news web sites:

“Laughable you guys just get dumber by the day.”

“That’s just another talking point so it’s useless okay go peddle that to the ignorant and naïve.”

“Phukk you – you elitist pig.”

“Liberals like you that march to the beat of MSNBC, hate mongers and socialist ideas are pointing the finger at individual thinkers? You liberals are a parasite on the working tax paying public.”

“Republicans are scum.”

“And your stupidy s beyond reproach.”

“My fvcking Jack Russell Terrier is not only smarter than your honor student she is also smarter than your entire fvcking inbred line of apologists.”

“STFU parrot.”

“Your the purest form of a NON AMERICAN and UNPATRIOTIC right wing nut.”

“Whatever you v child molesting piece of sh it of our children’s futures.”

“put a red maple on your azz in hit the road then treehugging liberal take your country hating pres with you.”

“You’re definitely a Fox zombie…er, I mean, “VIEWER”…”

“You are definitely a libturd.”

“More misinformed opinion….”

“I’m so tired of the right-wing. Let’s call them what they are domestic terrorists. Their imagery, their words, their deeds are intended to intimidate and terrorize. They are lizard brained bullies motivated by fear and inspired by greed.”

“You liberals are a sorry lot. Look at your own actions before you point the figure at the people that made this country————“

“Conservatives are always ignorant to their own mentally defective ignorance.”

“Why do we even tolerate Liberals?”

“You sound like a homosexual.”

“Conservatives don’t even know what the constitution is.”

“That’s an oxymoron…….moron…..”

“Says you! But we all know you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“But the fact of the matter is that an ice cube has more IQ then every liberal on the face of the earth combined.”

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